Beds in the bedroom

Bed models


If you dream about a beautiful bedroom with décor inspired by modern patterns and style, you definitely need to learn more about our Imperia bed. It is a unique piece made of solid and sturdy beech wood. Its design will make your bedroom a place of refined elegance and charm. We cannot help but recommend the Imperia bed to all of our online customers. This piece of furniture is the perfect answer to your needs, and it will be the focal point of your bedroom for many years to come.


No other piece of furniture in the bedroom is more important than the bed itself. Thanks to the bed’s functional design, you can comfortably relax every day, hence it is worth evaluating all of the options available in order to choose a bed that will suit your needs perfectly. If you are looking for a stylish, sturdy bed, why not have a look at our Vento bed? Made from superior quality materials and boasting a contemporary design, this bed meets all of the criteria you may have.


If you are looking for a comfortable and functional bed, this is the place to find a piece of furniture ideally suited to your needs and expectations. This piece of furniture is the Andrea bed, which is also great value for money. The Andrea bed is made of sturdy beech wood, which can be lacquered in one of the six beautiful colours to choose from. In addition, the Andrea can be combined with a storage drawer, a solution that will make your bedroom more comfortable and functional, and give it a more attractive appearance.


If you are looking for bedroom furnishings that are both stylish and functional, our beech beds are what you need. One of the pieces of furniture that deserves particular attention is the Hermes bed. What makes it stand out is its modern shape, which will add a unique feel to any bedroom. The Hermes bed has a strong and sturdy structure, which is a guarantee that this piece of furniture will stand the test of time so that you will always get a good night’s sleep. The Hermes bed is currently available at a very affordable price. Why not take advantage of this deal?


If you are wondering how to create a functional bedroom without sacrificing style, take a look at the beds available in our offer. Thanks to them, your serene haven will always be comfortable and cosy. Designed with the latest trends in mind, the Laura bed is definitely worth taking a look at. The Laura bed will go with both a modern industrial or a more classic décor style. It is made of durable wood and we can guarantee that it will look attractive and provide years of reliable performance.


The Rafaello bed is another piece of furniture in our offer that will enable you to stylishly arrange your bedroom. Compared to other brands, this bed distinguishes itself with its elegant shape, functionality and solid construction. The Rafaello bed is made of light beech wood that has also been coated with lacquer for extra protection. Thanks to this, the bed will remain beautiful and functional for many years. Contact us for further information. As a manufacturer, we are able to offer the Rafaello bed at a reassuringly affordable price.


It is commonly known that Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen who valued sublime style and great comfort. These are the values that inspired our designers to create the Kleopatra bed. It is a solid, functional and visually appealing construction which will turn your bedroom into a serene haven. Regal and relaxing, this bed will provide you with optimum comfort. The Kleopatra bed goes with many contemporary interior designs and we recommend it to all of our customers. The purchase of this piece of furniture will be the right decision to make.